April Hicks



Charlton Consulting Services partners with organizations undergoing transformational change to create an environment where management can find solutions to their unique transitional challenges.


  • Definition of Team Purpose and Vision
  • Alignment of Culture when Teams Merge
  • Integration of Virtual and Global Teams
  • Clarification of Individual Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
  • Sustained Focus on Transformation Goals

The Teams in Transition Program can reduce chaos and frustration, enabling teams to reach their goals quickly with greater confidence in the direction and purpose of their desired outcomes. The achievement of these goals builds momentum, fosters trust among members, and helps maintain continued commitment to the team’s shared mission.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Team Coaching
  • Management Tools and Supporting Services

If you are the leader of a team in transition, contact Charlton Consulting Services today for a no cost, no obligation meeting to review your specific situation and the challenges you’re facing.

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